Siival, the Dark Wind

Well versed in many martial and dark arts, this Sylph heads the more public Executioner's task force for the King's Bane group.


“Whip a lion and it learns to fear the whip. Whip a lion amongst lions and they all learn to fear it”
- Siival

Siival is a Sylph from the Sky Planes of Oriias. He is old and experienced, and has traveled for most of his life learning new styles of fighting, adding elements of each to his own personal style. After learning many arts, he went missing. The last time he was seen was by his student, Akaash, who said he disappeared one day, leaving behind his scimitar. When he emerged once more he was changed. Commanding dark powers and evil intentions, he publicly ravages the followers of the other factions in the name of the King’s Bane.

It is said he can make the breeze speak in foul tongues, turn the raging winds into cutting blades. Siival is the reason why the Shard Pact only has five nation-states following its doctrine. His involvement in the Ne’Mont Massacre marked his return to the world.


Combat Experience:

Like most Sylphs, Siival’s first fighting style was the way of the Wind Magus. He trained long in the Sky Planes, his sensei none other than Mishiyo Tatsuki, current ruler of the Sky Planes. Mishiyo was a teacher of the Shadow Clan, and Siival learned to shape the winds to deceive and betray his enemies. His next venture was to the deserts that currently home the nation-state of Sarahh. The sand dwellers taught him the way of the scimitar; fluidity before force, grace before rage. Siival quickly adopted the scimitar as his weapon of choice, it’s fluid movements aided by the fluid nature of the wind that swirled about him. After disappearing he likely trained in psionic and various dark magics, for when he showed up again he was seen commanding various creatures in battle.

Siival vehemently stalks and destroys his prey. He will eradicate an entire town of people just for the life of one political enemy. He shows no signs of ulterior motives or goals, and seems wholly dedicated to the King’s Bane. However, some worry that because of his life as a powerful Sylph and as a student of Mishiyo, he may be privy to the location of a powerful Sylph artifact, although no attempts on it have been made thus far.

Siival, the Dark Wind

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