Aeterna is large, Earth-like planet, and home to a native Human population. The name Aeterna (or Terrae Aeterna) signifies that the planet is “eternal”. For thousands of years Aeterna was known by another name, Glacialis. Named for its cold, harsh climate, the planet was getting colder and colder year after year. The planet earned its new name after the Great Lavamancers became active, sending Aeterna into a golden age. Within 800 years of the event (which serves now as the starting point for the current chronological era), Aeterna entered the space age, and Aeterna was transformed into a booming hub for intergalactic trade. After the failed colonization of Eden and the fall of the global government, we find ourselves on the Aeterna of today. Powers rose up to stake their claim, some vying for a new, globally united Aeterna, others believing that the planet was better off with a division of power through the coexistence of nation-states. The dispute fragmented Aeterna, and the planet is locked in a faction war.

Karadji: Small continent, considered the mainland of the Shattered Isles.
Shattered Isles: Chain of small islands that lie east of Arl’Wyn and surround Karadji.
Carridas: Second largest continent, very mountainous and cold in the northern parts.
Oriias: Medium sized continent south of Carridas, has an Oriental-esque culture.
Northern Ice Planes: Barren, and thinly inhabited tundra.
Southern Ice Planes: Uninhabited by humans, home to the Circle of Lavamancers and the structures and guardians who protect them.

Political Factions of Aeterna:
New Aeterna Republic of the People
Shards of Aeterna Pact (AKA Shard Pact)
Divination Covenant
King’s Bane Revolutionaries

Deities and Mythos


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