New Aeterna Republic of the People

New Aeterna Republic of the People:

History of NARP:
Led by Titalis Varrun, an Eladrin Paladin who served on Voidrender, and was to be part of the ground forces raiding party, the NARP group was the main force that overturned the government. After returning from battle and hearing of the government’s atrocities, he became outraged and organized a group of previous military members. Within the military only those of rank Commander or greater knew of the intentional genocide of the Githyanki, as well as the guaranteed failure of the Ilithid war. The lower ranking members, now knowing that they were essentially being driven to the slaughterhouse, gladly took up arms against the government. The intentions of the NARP group was to overturn the government and begin a new order, but those plans were interrupted, as rival factions arose to grab for the seat of power.

Political Stance:
The NARP faction calls the previous global capital city of Bolderann their base of operations. The city is vulnerable from a defense standpoint, since the southern gate was destroyed in the overthrow of the previous government. Because of the destruction of the southern sector of the city, that area is a giant slum, and the lack of resources from NARP means little police force to control the wanton crime.

The political stance the NARP takes is that while the previous government was corrupt, this was a fault of the individuals in control and not a fault of the government structure. They believe that Aeterna can become united once again, and under a similarly structured, but more transparent, government. NARP believes that a nation-state world would be detrimental for the planet.

Key Players:
Titalis Varrun: Leader of the NARP, prospective future leader of Aeterna.

New Aeterna Republic of the People

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