Largest continent on Aeterna and home to the old capital city of Bolderann, now the current base of operations of the NARP. The continent is shaped like an upright bean, making for a diverse range of climates and biomes.

Hell’s Maw Mountains:
Second highest mountain range on Aeterna, and home to the Kinnigof nation-state. Home to expansive lava tubes that have emptied out since the beginning of the Lavamancer activity, the tubes are reported to be a possible location of the King’s Bane base of operations. The mountains get its name for the reddish soil, which under the setting sun seems to burn like fire.

The Great Forest:
Bordering the Hell’s Maw mountain range to the south, this is the tallest forest in Aeterna. It hugs against the mountain range and extends southward and cups the Central Plains.

Central Plains: Stretching from nearly the western coast to the eastern coast, these flat, rolling plains are home to Bolderann as well as many other cities and towns. The plains are fertile and good for farming.

East Coast:
Western end of the Central Plains, home to fishing villages and coastal cities like Chrysalis. The Shattered Isles lie just across the water.

Southern Tundra:
Craggy, icy, rockscape home to some trade towns. The waterway that lies between here and the Southern Ice Planes is heavily trafficked for trade between Chrysalis and Eastern Carridas and Oriias.

Major Cities:

Dalton’s Watch

Other Locations:
Kinnigof (nation-state)


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