A large continent in the northeastern hemisphere of Aeterna, comparable in size to Arl’Wynn. The continent has varying extremes of environments including tundra, woods, mountains, and desert. Carridas is home to the nation-state Scerrimar, named after the god, Scerrimon, as well as the nation-state of Sarahh in the Carridian Desert in the south.

The Hallowed Wood: The large population of more magical creatures (satyrs, centaurs, etc.) are reason to believe that this is where Scerrimon resides. The woods here are home to thinner, more spindly trees compared to the large hardwood trees of the Great Forest in Arl’Wynn.

Plains of Plenty: This is where the majority of farming is done on Aeterna. The local farmers worship Scerrimon, and they believe that he brings them plentiful harvest and healthy livestock.

Bay of New Beginnings: In times of old, there was a major prison break at a prison in the Carridian Desert. Many fugitives escaped north, and seamlessly integrated into the fishing community on the frozen tundra bordering the sea.

Huntsman’s Crag: A large, craggy collection of mountains in the northeaster part of Carridas, origin of the Uryptes River.

Carridian Desert: Windswept dunes that contain the nation-state of Sarahh. The river Uryptes runs through these deserts before it empties into the Oriian sea.

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