Ilithid War

Leading up to the War:
The events of Project Eden sparked outrage in the public. At this point, the public, and even the soldiers who fought on Eden, were unaware that the hostile creatures on Eden were sentient, and not brainless savages like they were reported to be. The Council Aeternus deliberated over what to do. Unfortunately for the Council, their propaganda have caused the public to become bloodthirsty for revenge on the destruction of Megaladon. The government was aware that going to war would mean an inevitable defeat, but decided to declare war to save face with the public. The government reached out to the Eladrin, a race consumed by seeking out and destroying evil. The government told them of the mass slavery at the hands of the Ilithid, and with that the Eladrin were glad to lend some forces. An enormous force was set forth, back to the Eden system.

Catalog of Ships and Personnel:

Aeternan Forces:
2 Battle Class Space Titans
Celestial Gorgon
Heaven’s Hammer
1 Cargo Class Space Titan
15 Trinity class space frigates
1500 Mosquito lass fighters
200,000 Falcon class fighters
150,000 Tiger class
50,000 Novus class heavy artillery gunships
1000 Stella class ground vehicle transports
1000 Viper class tank
1000 APCs
6000 Predator class ATVs
50,000 ground forces

Eladrin Forces:
Hand of the Paragon gunship
200 Reaver class gunships
10,000 Scythe class fighters
*No ground forces

Outcome of the war:
The Aeternan forces retreated after 32 days of fighting, the Eladrin forces after only 12 days. The retreat was against direct government orders, the remaining 10% of the original warband fled a death at the hands at the Ilithid. Upon returning home the secrets of the war were revealed by some higher ups. The government sent over one million lives to a battle that they knew with certainty would be lost. Many of the now ex-military members (who now make up NARP) turned on the government and tore through the capital city. The government officials stepped down from the capital building as the mob neared, and announced their surrender and quickly fled on ships. With that, the old government was no more, and the Aeternan Civil War began.

Ilithid War

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