King's Bane Revolutionaries

A dark, mysterious, and murderous group. To them, the revolution did not end at the death of the old empire. This anarchist group seeks to stamp out the fires of law and order.

The group’s origins are unknown. Some believe that the group existed long before the fall of the old government, and that they waited until the day it fell to become active. Some believe it may have even pulled the strings of the government puppets and orchestrated the fall themselves. Not much is actually known about them, other than that they employ the use of skilled assassins to take out targets and to instill fear. The location of their base of operations is unknown, it is said that they use the various cave systems, labyrinths, catacombs, and sewers of Aeterna to move in silence. Some believe that their base of operations may also be underground, and a likely location for it would be the expansive lava tubes in the Hell’s Maw mountains.

Political Stance:
The King’s Bane does not want any form of government to rise. When the old government fell, they made sure it stayed down, and made it clear that any attempt to revive it or instate a new form of government would be met with lethal force. The desired outcome is submission to their Doctrine for a Brighter Future, their global vision and manifesto that was made public to the world. This document was mad public when it was found nailed to the forehead of a NARP member, his body hanging from a tavern balcony. The document dictated their desires for a new world. The document revealed that the group wishes for the only laws a man needs to follow are their “Laws of Human Decency”, which dictate simple rules such as: no murder, no stealing, etc. The only order in this desired world would be the “family-state”. People living in close proximity producing their own goods and trading amongst themselves, effectively becoming a large family. The family-state communities providing for themselves, under no greater power’s rule.

Key Players:
The Dark Wind

King's Bane Revolutionaries

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