The continent of Oriias is the second smallest on Aeterna, smallest being Karadji. This circular continent is the base of operations for the Sky Planes nation-state. Oriias is home to many great tacticians, warriors, and artisans.

Sky Planes:
This can refer to both the mountain range (tallest in Aeterna) in the eastern section of the continent, as well as to the name of the nation-state that resides in those mountains. The tops of these mountains are rather flat, and the race Sylphs call these buttes and plateaus.

Western Hills:
The relatively flat, rolling hills of the western region of Oriias are home to many small, quaint villages. Even during Aeterna’s technology boom, this area was mainly farmlands and small artisan towns.

Keji Island:
Known as the “Cage of the Demon God” to the Sylph, this island is actually an inactive volcano. The rim of the volcano rises very little from the water, the rest of the island is actually below sea level. At the bottom of the volcano pit is a series of tunnels. A community of Deep Dwarves (Duergar) call these underground tunnels their home.

Places of Interest:
Sky Planes
Kenji Village
Keji Island


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