Project Eden

Events leading up to Project Eden:
the planet is well into the Space Age, and has become an interstellar trade hub. The Council Aeternus, a governing body in charge of the continuance of the human race and separate from the planet’s law making body, met and looked on the eventual fate of their system. Aeterna would be able to sustain itself indefinitely, but the star in their system would die eventually. It was decided that the human race would need to seek out a back up planet that they could inhabit once Aeterna’s system reached its end. Until now Aeterna has been a trading hub, and their economy thrived off of this. The human race on Aeterna has never gone on conquests of the stars, and have avoided any sort of interstellar wars. The human of Aeterna have been happily surviving as a peaceful race. The Council needed to change this viewpoint to accomplish their goal, to preserve the human race. A propaganda campaign was launched; “The sky will fall soon enough. Even the mighty Aeterna cannot survive the death of our home star”, they would say. “The human race must go forth and find our next home, to preserve this great race”, the ads and posters would read. The Council pushed this Manifest Destiny mindset into the people. They went so far as to reclassify the human race as Homo Aeternus, Eternal Man, and told the people that the human race is “a race undying. We are a race that will outlive the stars and the gods among them. A race above all others, determined to never fall, never to dim and die out. We will cross the stars and we will survive.” A rousing speech given by Council Chairman, Octavius Abney was the final push the public needed. And so the human race searched for a new planet to call home. The public was prepared to conquer a planet.

Voyage to Eden:
On the next arm over from the one they inhabited in their spiral galaxy, Magna Sidus, was a planet slightly larger than Aeterna. Radiocarbon dating determined that both the planet, dubbed Eden, and its star were both very young. Eden was home to a sentient race, Githyanki, an underadvanced race in terms of technology. The Titan class gunship, Voidrender, led a large convoy of colonist ships full of humans ready to begin life on this new planet. The convoy was accompanied by a small military force: Voidrender, 5 Trinity class gunships, and several hundreds of smaller fighter vessels. Voidrender and the 5 Trinity class gunships circled the planet scanning for potential threats while the fighters escorted the colonists down to ground zero for the new city, dubbed Genesis. The Githyanki attacked the convoy as they landed, but the fighters quickly dispatched them. Genesis’ construction was underway as the surrounding 100 miles of the landing zone was scanned and cleared of Githyanki. It seemed that the human race may have found a home, but something lurked in the darkness, unseen and unnoticed.

A communication request came through to the Voidrender. The origin of the request seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. Curious, Commander Daedelus answered the call. An unknown voice called out, demanding they leave the planet and the system. Chairman Octavius’ words of inspiration were still very much alive in the men on the ship, the desire to conquer the stars, and the sense of superiority and immortality still burned in their hearts. The request to leave was met with a stern and boisterous “no”. Suddenly, a rift opens in space just off of the side of one the Trinity class gunship and several small vessels appear. The vessels are traveling at incredible speeds, and they are shaped like spear tips. The mysterious vessels pierced all the way through the gunship and were swallowed up by another rift on the other side. The Trinity gunship imploded as it ejected its insides, crew and all, from the openings. A final demand to leave was called out from the mysterious voice. The final message rang out through the silence on the bridge of the Voidrender. All of the human forces withdrew and returned to Aeterna. The act of war sparked outrage, and the planet geared itself for its first interstellar war. The war was inevitably lost, and a treaty signed stated that the human race would never return to their system.

Voidrender Captain’s Log

Project Eden

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