Shards of Aeterna Pact

History of the Shard Pact:
Drogo Shal’Duur, a half Dragonborn living in the Hell’s Maw mountains, watched from atop his craggy throne as the government knowingly marched its citizens to their deaths. Drogo did not answer the call to action that so many on Aeterna so ecstatically did. Like other immigrant dragonborn, he despised the global government. A global culture that promoted homogeneous coexistence of humans and human-like races, and a intergalactic trade network that gave way to immigration, meant a lot of immigrants that were unable to assimilate into popular society. With the fall of the government Drogo saw an opportunity to fulfill his desires, and led an army of like-minded individuals to Mt Godspire where he addressed his followers, now known as the Children of the Shard. There Drogo, now known as King Drogo, planted the seed of a divided Aeterna at the summit of Godspire.

Godspire Address- Political Stance of the Shard Pact:
At the summit of Mt. Godspire, King Drogo addressed his followers. Among them were the immigrants, the oppressed, the downtrodden of Aeterna. These were people who would benefit greatly from being able to form their own communities. The initial speech, known as the Godspire Address, was given by Drogo, and introduced the ideals of this new government. Shard Pact followers believe that Aeterna was flawed when united, that the existence and celebration of separate cultures and communities strengthened the planet. Too much power sat at the hands of a few who controlled the entire planet, and that separate nation-states would function as a better model via division of power.

The Children of the Shard stayed on the mountain top and reveled in their newfound cultural freedom, but behind closed tent flaps political discussions continued. The most prominent figures from different regions met in Drogo’s tent to discuss how the new government would be laid out. It was decided that elections would be held to determine leaders of different nation-states. Those who were involved in the discussions nominated themselves for their own regions, and all won in landslides, in most cases unopposed. The nation-states were heavily populated by specific races and cultures, and they believed that this would promote cultural growth and bring out the strengths of these racial and cultural groups.

How the Shard Pact planned to enact their plan was interesting. They would create their governments through an act of aggressive inaction. A global government cannot be created if there exists a handful of sovereign nation-states that refuses to join their government. The only option is to submit to the Shard Pact, or to threaten war, a possibility that does not frighten the hardened King Drogo. The hope is that the prospect of a civil war will deter the NARP from pushing for action in their favor and that they will submit.

Key Players:
King Drogo (Drogo Shal’Duur): Leader of the Shard Pact movement and king of his own nation-state, Kinnigof, in the Hell’s Maw mountains.
Sha’Narrel Vasgoth: A tall lizardfolk, and Lady of her kingdom of Sarahh, in the wind-swept scorched deserts of southern Carridas.
Brennen Feldwen: Human Lord of his kingdom of Scerrimar, a green land of grassy plains and lightly wooded forests in central Carridas.
Mishiyo Tatsuki: Sylph samurai warlord, from the Shadow clan, Daimyo of the Sky Planes of Oriias.

Shards of Aeterna Pact

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