Sky Planes

The Sky Planes lie in the highest mountain range on Aeterna, occupying nearly half of eastern Oriias. The tops of the mountains were terraformed, the tops sliced off to form buttes and terraces. The Cloud Walkers, as they’re referred to, are Humans that live in the Sky Planes. Every so often, a Sylph is born to a pair of human parents in the Sky Planes. These are elemental beings, humans gifted in wind magics and arts. The Sylphs continue to live and learn in the Sky Planes, feeling at home amongst the cloud and winds at the summits of these mountains.

The Sky Planes also refers to the nation-state, formed under the Shard Pact by Mishiyo Tatsuki. Mishiyo is the current leader of this nation-state, and previously the founder and leader of the Shadow Clan.

Seifu, the West Wind, and Kochi, the East Wind, are the gods that cause the winds to blow through the planes. The West Wind blows in from the lowlands, bringing with it pollen, that fertilizes the plants of the Western Ridge. Seifu is associated with fertility and life. The East Wind blows in the salty sea air. Most revered by the inhabitants of the fishing villages of the Western coast, at the foothills of the mountains. Kochi is associated with the sea, and safe travel.

The god most revered in the Sky Planes is Kenjin, the Sword God. It is said that Kenjin chopped the tops of the mountains off with his blade, and that is where the buttes and terraces originate from. It is said that Kenjin’s sword was given to the first man to climb to the Sky Planes, he became the first Sylph. The tomb of the first Sylph is said to lie somewhere in the Sky Planes, the sword of Kenjin entombed with him.

Clans of the Sky Planes:
There are several clans that have survived into the modern era. These were all previously warring clans, vying for power of the Sky Planes. Now the clans exist mainly as schools of combat arts. These clans are populated by Sylphs, who are naturally adept with wind magic, and use it to enhance their combat skills.

Shadow Clan
Shouting Winds Clan
Clan of Two Winds
Piercing Winds Clan

Key Players:
Mishiyo Tatsuki
Siival, the Dark Wind

Tatsuki Castle

Sky Planes

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