Voidrender Captain's Log

Voidrender’s Captain’s Log:

Stardate: November 10th, 1043 A.R. 0743

Today is the day the conquest party leaves home port. The convoy described below left the Fortis City space port at 0621 this morning and is now en route to the deep space boundary.

Space Titan Voidrender is leading the convoy. There are 400 Falcon class fighters in the hangar as well as 200 Novus class heavy artillery gunships and 200 Stella class ground vehicle transports. Voidrender is accompanied by 5 Trinity class gunships. Each Trinity is carrying the standard 100 Mosquito class fighters. We are protecting and guiding a group of 200 Nimbus class personnel carriers, holding our colonist population, totalling 40,000 in all. Each Nimbus has its own guard grid of 8 gunships. The front 3, left middle and right middle gunships are Falcon class. The back row of three gunships are Novus artillery ships. In all, there are 2700 battle-ready small gunships, 5 space frigate Trinity ships, and our one Space Titan ready for space combat if need be. On the surface of planet Eden our Stella class ships will deploy their cargo, each holding one Viper class tank, one APC, and six Predator class ATVs. After deploying the cargo, the Stella ships will be used as air support, scouting, and clearing threats. In addition to our pilots, we have a force of 10,000 ground forces that will join the colonist party on Eden.

We do not foresee any space combat, but we come prepared. Research done by our drones have shown that the Githyanki, while being gifted martially and being intelligent, are a non advanced race, and our ground forces should have no problems with them. The fleet will reach the deep space boundary within three days, there we will make our leap to the next arm of Magna Sidus, just outside of Eden’s system.

Stardate: November 13th, 1043 A.R. 1347

Our systems are reading that we are 96% of the way to escaping the gravity of our system. The Space Cleaver has been turned on and is at 43% power. After escaping the system’s gravitational pull we will activate the spacetime cleaver and pierce our way to the other arm of the galaxy. This new model of the cleaver should be able to compress space 2x as efficiently as its predecessor. ETA to the Eden system after commencing space jump is approximately 9 days. Time till space jump is approximately 4 hours.

Stardate: November 22nd, 1043 A.R. 0523

We’ve successfully jumped to the edge of the Eden system. This system is strange. Our ship is picking up an unknown, and unseen source of gravitational pull. After several hours on route to Eden, we’ve been able to see where all of these gravitational force vectors are converging and get an approximate location to its source. The reading is nearby, and given the strength of the pull it has a gravitational field strength comparable to a medium sized planet. However, there is nothing there. No superdense mass-object, nothing at all. We’re also receiving strange energy readings from the direction of the unknown mass. These mysteries may soon be solved with more time here in this system. For now, our goal is to conquer Eden.

Stardate: November 24th, 1043 A.R. 0625

Colonization of Eden is underway. Voidrender and the 5 Trinity gunships have formed a perimeter around the planet and are scanning the surface to monitor strange activity. The landing party was met by a small band of Githyanki riding some sort of local bird-like creature. They were quickly dispatched. The location for Genesis has been set bordering one of the great rivers of Eden, right where it meets the ocean. The ground vehicles and soldiers have been deployed and the Stella gunships are scanning the area within 100 miles of ground zero. A few of the Stella were carrying Leviathan class submersibles, to explore the nearby river and ocean floor. A nearby village of Githyanki was raided and raised by a clearing team. The Voidrender continues to pick up unknown energy readings, this time they seem to have left the location of the unseen mass and the readings seem to be coming from all around Eden.

Stardate: November 24th, 1043 A.R. 1013

Project Eden has been aborted. The ground forces and civilians have been evacuated and the remaining fleet is returning to Aeterna. A communications request was received from an unknown source, seemingly from everywhere at once, at 0803 this morning. The communication log is below:

Unknown: This is the Ilithid territory. You are invading our slave planet and killing its inhabitants. Gather your ground forces and leave this place.

Daedelus: We claim this planet in the name of Aeterna and the human race. We will allow you to retrieve whatever slave population you would like, but know that this planet is now ours. Our might is unmatched among the stars and insubordination will end poorly for you. We decline your request to leave.

[A rift opens off of the port side of Trinity gunship Megalodon and approximately 20 spear shaped vessels emerge traveling at unknown speed. The ships pierce through the Megalodon and are swallowed up by another rift on the other side. Megalodon implodes and begins a crash descent to the surface of Eden]

Unknown: We are the Ilithid race. A race that commands the fabric of space and time. Your fleet is no match for even our interception party. If you refuse to leave you will know the might of our race. Further attacks will be considered an act of war. Our reach is limitless, and the hand of our military will reach across the stars and smite your pathetic homeworld. You cannot fight us in the here, turn your ships and leave at once.

Never before have I encountered an enemy I hadn’t the slightest idea of how to defeat. How ships as small as the ones that took down Megalodon could manage to open rifts is a mystery to me. We will return to Aeterna in approximately 13 days.

Stardate: December 7th 1043 A.R. 2203

This is the final log update of the Project Eden mission. The remainder of the fleet has made it back to home port. No signs of anything following us back. Oculus surveillance starships have been deployed and are en route to several positions around our system. Oculus units will remain in place indefinitely to scan for any incoming unknown ships. The loss of the Megalodon and her crew will not go over well with the populace. If this comes to war, I cannot foresee this ending well for us. But I will give my life for this planet at it’s people. Commander Daedelus signing off.

Voidrender Captain's Log

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